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Суппозитории Nurofen for children - Review

-4 22.05.2013

Суппозитории Nurofen for children

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When a child first became ill and rose high temperature caused by the doctor appointed suppositories Nurofen, as the most environmentally friendly way to get rid of heat and pain. But the problem has even put a candle because it irritated colon and went along with the feces. Had to keep the kid's ass for several minutes until the suppository doesn't disappear, but the temperature is not lost even after several hours. Had to give the anti-fever syrup, which through 10 minutes brought down the temperature. Candles Nurofen we no longer mučaem the child.

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Зимы еще нет, а я уже чуть не разболелся, хорошо что наверное вовремя начал пить Цитовир-3 в капсулах. Потому что как то

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