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cockroaches are dying! film The apartment, Joe 1996 - Review

-1 25.08.2011

cockroaches are dying! film "The apartment, Joe" 1996

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Cockroaches die - do you know about this? Here's to ponostalgirovat on these sweet, dobrososedlivym beings with whom we are bound by centuries of lives, poumilyaytes this film! College graduate, Joe, comes to New York in search of a better life. He can not find a cheaper apartment. Well, his new friend, Walter took care of our simpleton. By coincidence, a lonely elderly woman dies from attack while on the go and falls to the passing of Walter and Joe. Walter persuades Joe to say that this woman was the mother of Joe, that apartment was inherited by him. Our hero can not resist. He enters his first own apartment! He examines everything around, starts to get used to the new location. I just did not challenge! Joe did not even realize that, apart from his apartment living armies talking cockroaches. And with them have something to talk ...

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