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Plate-naraiana Gyro Bowl - Review

-3 13.06.2012

Plate-pot, Gyro Bowl - as always deceiving advertising

Reviews: Children / Baby goods

Gyro Bowl Plate ordered via the Internet, while under the influence of advertising stating that the food: "... it is simply impossible to spill and spread, even if much hard work." For it gave 70 g, not sorry, if only in a less dirty carpet and soft part. Tested the son of a plate pouring cereal and sat him down on the living room sofa. The flakes were well scattered, and a plate dismantled for a thorough review and sorting out. Since the liquid is even worse, if you leave your baby unattended in a bowl of water will remain only on the bottom. It is not suitable for twisted children, as most of the food may still be is scattered. The plastic is very flimsy, open the lid on their own child quite possible.

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