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the current tap and Friedrich Nietzsche - Review

-2 25.08.2011

the current tap and Friedrich Nietzsche

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When the dripping faucet, and you can not get in touch with a mechanic, - it is annoying! And strange thoughts come to mind ... A favorite of Adolf Hitler - Nietzsche, who was he? His attack on historical Christianity, emasculate, in his view, the aesthetic principle of the mighty and beautiful, triumphant immoral life, an attack on democracy, which he equated to mob rule (ie, the power of the crowd), hatred of the Christian Democratic philanthropy, his contempt to human, noisy bravado of war apologist, claims by the sacrifice of millions of the weak and the losers to clear the way for a superman - it was. Thomas Mann wrote that reading Nietzsche - a kind of art, which is absolutely inadmissible straightness, where maximum flexibility in mind, sense of irony and deliberation. A valve must be repaired, and quickly ... Not even prividitsya.

Tags: Friedrich Nietzsche, a favorite of Adolf Hitler, The Antichrist by Friedrich Nietzsche

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