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TeleTRADE cheating students - Review

-4 20.01.2013

TeleTRADE cheating students

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Reviews: Fraud scams

Company TeleTRADE about learning with the condition that after the passage of the course will take the pay you to work as we have Proffesional trader, but of course, you first need to pass the exam. All would be well, and it seems logical to whom the part if not for the fact. That job for the exam are almost mathematically solvable. There is certainly a small chance that you will pass this test is positive. But it will not depend on the level of your professionalism and your trading system, and a coincidence in the market that you can not affect strategically. Then what's the point if you will learn in the end it turns out that your knowledge is not used in the living process of making money, it's just a theory does not affect the level of professionalism. It is a central Kiev office, possibly in other cities other system of education. I'm talking about where he was himself. Knowledge certainly useful but I hoped to get a job in the office. As promised, that not only teach but also provide an opportunity to work. Well, this is the main condition they failed to comply.

Tags: Forex

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