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Родильный дом при ГКБ №40 в Москве - Review

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The Department of Pathology № 2 pregnant Sweets & Drinks Dnepropetrovsk terrible conditions for pregnant women

Last year, being pregnant, got pregnant in the department of pathology at the city hospital № 2, Dnepropetrovsk. I

Rodd hospital Kalinin Samara.

As it happened, I had to go to the hospital antenatal department Kalinin hospital in Samara. Got there on New

Maternity hospital № 11, Moscow

August 24 went there for planned caesarean. Terrible attitude. Already at the front told me that fight, go upstairs, in

Horror Lyubertsy Maternity

The birth of a child - is always happy. Especially when you help this good, conscientious doctors. Unfortunately, I


Nevertheless, what the "experts" working in Tiraspol hospital! That the head, that the medical staff! Not

Maternity Hospital No. 2 in Cherkassy

I want to describe the place where the person should be happy, where there is a miracle-the birth of a child. This

Rodd number 1Vrach Obstetrician-Gynecologist Skibina Lubov.

There was this doctor 4 years infertility problem was, every year, lay in the hospital to be treated but it was

Rodd central raybolnitsu Novomoskovsk, no responsibility!

I was in this hospital at 28 weeks, about 12 hours overnight with signs of early labor, and since they do not have the

In the hospital in the Transcarpathian region g.Hust uzhastno just unsanitary!

Gave birth at the hospital in November 2010 g.Hust I remember, as if hell has visited. In the wards there is no water,

Grodno regional clinical perinatal center

In Grodno regional clinical perinatal center was born my second child. Despite the fact that the building of the

Maternity hospital № 1 city Biysk - horrified by what he saw!

Recently, lay in the hospital for saving a number of Biisk. The town's population 250,000 people, only two

Discharge from the hospital № 2 Rivne was awful

I want to tell us how discharged from this hospital. I went to my wife, she had already been collected, all documents

Kaluga city maternity hospital

Did not like the staff in the Department of pathology is not talking with patients, do not explain what written out

Pediatric intensive care hospital № 7, Moscow Kolomna, etc., etc. 4. - Such a nightmare never find necessary

Hello I want to share with you my impressions of the maternity hospital № 7 in Moscow. All my friends and family t

Central City Clinical Hospital № 3 obstetric hospital in the city of Donetsk - no discipline

I gave birth two years ago in the Central Clinical Hospital № 3 obstetric hospital in the city of Donetsk. I did not l

Maternity hospital № 4, Moscow, ul. Journal of 3 - amazing care of mother and child

The most important event of my life occurred in the maternity hospital № 4, Moscow. And that is such a great event, h

Главное впечатление: чисто и профессионально

Рожала у Татьяны Сергеевны Котоминой, без контракта, по ОМС. Роды прошли без особых заморочек, благо, эпидуральную анест

In Gubkinsky the best hospital in Russia

Even though I was giving birth until one day, but I can say with absolute certainty that Gubkinsky the best hospital in

Дружественный к иногородним роддом!

Я из Рязани, рожала в этом роддоме. Сначала думала рожать по месту жительства, а потом ВКонтакте увидела, что можно в Мо

Родила сама после первого КС! Спасибо!

У меня были вторые роды, первые по КС. Очень хотела вторые естественные. У меня в городе на это было мало надежды, поэто

Maternity hospital № 1, Kirovograd - thank you for your daughter!

In the maternity hospital № 1, Kirovograd, I spent almost all of 9 months of pregnancy, because it was a great risk of m

Maternity hospital in the city Kopeysk at Hospital Lane, 4 - very good.

The first time was terrible to bear, but because of the hospital medical staff in Kopeysk at Hospital Lane, 4, and

Maternity hospital № 6, Donetsk - perfect conditions

In March 2010, gave birth to a baby. Long chose the hospital, but still chose the hospital № 6. Their choice, I was s

Maternity hospital medical unit number 7 Perm - the best, check for yourself)))

Just a wonderful hospital. Give birth for free, wonderful staff, treated kindly, and at the family unit and children.

Perinatal center in Samara.

A couple of years ago I had a second son. Gave birth in a perinatal center in Samara Hospital. Kalinin. I was lucky

Maternity hospital № 1 in the Karaganda Regional Health Centre - we want to go back again for another baby!

Maternity is excellent doctors, midwives, nurses, nurses - all just wonderful people! Indeed, as one family! And the

Достойный роддом с хорошими бытовыми условиями и профессиональным персоналом

Собственно, для этого я и решила рожать в Москве - чтобы попасть в достойные условия и не переживать о мастерстве и обра

Maternity Obninsk

In 2011 this hospital was born on my daughter. Choosing a hospital, a lot of mixed reviews I read about it. Today I can

Maternity hospital number 3, Nikolaev

Very worried - I will give birth without an appointment with your doctor. But everything went just fine: treated me

The 17th Moscow hospital is considered the best in town

Modern hospital, clean, comfortable, spacious and bright house, do not feel that you are in the hospital. About all the

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