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The Clinic Euromed Invitro - Review

5 29.07.2016


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I want to leave a review - thank you to the clinic Euromed Invitro. Without exaggerating I can say that in this clinic can work wonders. One of the wonders is my LocoRoco. 10 years I waited for it, and only in this clinic helped us to realize a dream. Came to him after the three spans completely without hope. Olga V. - my doctor promised nothing initially, because we were heavy, but promised it would make every effort. And the first Protocol in the clinic, but in General this is the fourth in our life and it has ended again with anything, however, this time the implantation was. But following cryo and gave us the long-awaited pregnancy. At the prices they have, incidentally, is also quite acceptable when compared with other clinics. And nonresident help with housing))))

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