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Motokultivator bison DC - Review

-3 10.06.2012

tiller "Bison DK41" vibrates during operation.

Bought a tiller "Bison DK41" tried on my plot, and he did not like me its a very strong vibration of the body, from which much later shook hands, I think he'll go back to the store.

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Swing does not inspire confidence. Beams which is lightweight, it is not clear from which everything is made of wood.

hose for watering the garden plot by "Buffalo" quickly cracked.

Bought a hose for watering the garden plot by "Buffalo", but after a couple of months he was crack and leak,

AQUARIUS electric pump 3.

To lift water from the well bought electric AQUARIUS-3, the manufacturer works "LEPSE." Pump water well, but

A set of flat skewers "Flat Skewer" is not suitable for leisure

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Secateurs " Michurinsky " from brand " Hand " not liked because of the awkward

Repeller Yochomi snakes, moles, rodents and insects, with a variable frequency signal is a mockery of gardeners.

I bought a neighbor giving repeller Yochomi snakes, moles, rodents and insects, with a variable frequency signal to the

Fishing line trimmer, AksayElektroZapchast.

For mowing bought fishing line trimmer, production AksayElektroZapchast. Very sorry, as fishing line is very fragile

Sprayer OP-202 "Lemira"

I bought a garden sprayer OP-202 "Lemira" at 8 liters, to handle all ogoroda.Ochen not sealed. Inflate the

Chainsaw "Ural" - terrible!

The Chinese chainsaw with a Russian name should not appear on the light, since it can only be cut twigs on the bushes,

Petrol Lawn Mower Makita (Japan) - only for flat surfaces

Powerful enough lawn for a long time working without interruption, but poorly adapted to the uneven terrain. Any bump

Drip irrigation system " " Rosinka

Drip irrigation system " Rosinka " production company "Costa Blanca" in my second year. I do not

sprinkler "CounterRush" burned down unexpectedly.

Took to sado site sprinkler "CounterRush" which pours grass, but e said he spontaneously stopped spinning and

Greenhouse "Uralochka" enhanced by Eco Garden - inconvenient to assemble

How We hardship with a greenhouse, "Uralochka" from the Eco Garden. Ordered, they brought too late. But it

Chainsaw BRITECH BT 46/40 CS (Italy) - deaf

For all the characteristics of a good drink, mild and strong. The disadvantage is that it sometimes stalls. Very easy

Greenhouse "Uralochka" Eco Garden-enhanced uncomfortable.

Greenhouse "Uralochka" enhanced Eco Garden is very inconvenient. Working with her was very difficult and

Even the beginner make a beautiful design on the site

Considered mayonnaise, but I stopped buying Achowski HC560 of electric. A successful model, not heavy, comfortable

Lawn Mower Husqvarna

A very useful thing, if you want to be well-groomed lawn near the house. Mower is very easy to operate, it is easy to

Set Svip (brush and dustpan) Christie - a nice set.

Most houses I clean with a vacuum cleaner, but sometimes it is necessary and scoop. So I recently bought a set of Svip,

Trimmer from Echo. How to make your lawn perfect? Read review

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Smoking Device "Forester" cope with the work

I bought it a couple of years ago - using, as a rule, at home, on a gas cooker. Package alder sawdust missing almost a

Rakes leaves from Fiskars-quality.

In the autumn the whole family had to remove the foliage in the country. We have served as an excellent tool to rake


This is my second purchase from the brand Champion, the first was the chainsaw, opinion about it, too, was left

Fan Rake RACO 4231-53/738- comfortable.

In the autumn we go to the cottage, there to collect the leaves after leaf fall, so that the site was clean. This year

Blower Echo ES-250ES

Autumn is in full swing and we just bought a blower for cleaning leaves. Great sweeps even pine needles from the lawn,

Sprinkler "Liquid R200" is very useful in the heat.

Bought in a garden shop a device for watering the garden in an automatic mode, "Liquid R200" setting did not

Garden Pavilion Time Eco (J 1033) - an irreplaceable thing in your area!

We bought a cottage in the Garden Pavilion Time Eco (J 1033). We bought it somewhere for 700 hryvnia. Very handy, we

The equipment for the garden - ploskorez.

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Trimmer for difficult areas SRM-2655SI

The main difference technology the Echo easy start. No need to spend nerves and forces, the trimmer starts on the first

Garden shears Echo

Choosing between electric clippers and gasoline, has stopped as a result of petrol, as I didn't want to mess with the

Trimmer electric Champion ЕТ1200А

Buy an electric trimmer wanted for a very long time, but only bought at the end of summer, I think that ladies whose

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