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TM Chyna Krajina st. Radishchev, 3, off. B-404, Kiev, Ukraine - a breath of vitality. - Review

5 19.10.2011

TM "Chyna Krajina" st. Radishchev, 3, off. B-404, Kiev, Ukraine - a breath of vitality.

It is impossible to enumerate all the teas sold in the shops TM "Chyna Krajina." Run away from so many eyes. Just yesterday, it seemed that you are familiar with the whole range, and today you'll get something new. Stores are located in all parts of the city, so no need to spend time on the road. Need to spend money, knowing that for them you get a breath of pleasure.

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Son bought the toy out there. Trading room is empty, there is no seller. I still had to run, so I sold the machine. The

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Search gift and went into the store. The first thing looked for money. They were too high. The seller started to tell

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In our city there are a convenience store Cosmo. I go into it only when other stores are closed, and the purchase can

Shop "Mini Spar" (Nizhny Novgorod, ul. Osharskaya) - cramped, dirty, food polutuhlye

"Spar" in our town a lot, but it would be better if there were only supermarkets, because the mini-stores -

Chain stores "Pyaterochka"

Welcome wanted to express his contentment is not in the direction of the chain stores. Very bad attitude to the buyer

Leroy Merlin and construction hypermarket in Moscow

Leroy Merlin construction hypermarket in Moscow, where many people buy building materials. We too often we visit there.

French House of Ust-Kamenogorsk

Range, of course, at altitude. But the price - extremely high. Sellers are buyers down, at least to the potential. At

Shop "Victoria" in Donetsk - surly and rude staff

In Donetsk, there is a store called "Victoria". There he had some time ago and as I remember it, the staff I

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"I had the luck," buy a phone. At home he took up, and then other people's SMS! That is, it was used! She

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Very happy with store Watsons (DC)

Very pleased store Watsons (DC). First, there is the price of some goods below, and for other too high, for example,

Shop "Tsifrovik"

I do not like the staff. A broken webcam, which is out of service during the warranty period, checked on the service

In the store, "Building materials" (Maikop) is too high prices.

In the shop, "Building materials" (Maikop) selection of products for the building is large enough. Not far


I can safely recommend the company http://мягкая-мебель-оптом.рф/(+7(977)966-13-03) as personally had with him. And if t


Want to join the positive reviews about the company Stroymekhservis +7(495)649-69-03. Not so long ago we spoke to him

Shop "Sportmaster" in Dnipropetrovsk - an excellent choice at affordable prices

This is one of the best sporting goods stores in our town, there is a huge selection of all kinds of sporting goods for

Shop Baby No. 1 in St. Petersburg - a favorite store of children's goods

Baby No. 1 the best shop for those who prefer exclusivity and luxury in everything. It is situated on Bolshoy prospect

In the store, "New World" in Maikop, a great selection of chandeliers and sconces.

In the shop, "New World" in Maikop, a lot of different lighting fixtures, chandeliers, sconces, table lamps.


Покупать плитку именно в салоне Тессер мы решили не сразу: сначала ездили, сравнивали цены, смотрели, что предлагают инт

Shop O'stin (Sebastopol) is always pleased by their prices and products

Shop are always glad for its quality and inexpensive things to suit every taste and every age. Almost always buy only

Chain of shoe stores "Megatop" in Belarus - low prices, high quality

I thought that this store does not sell only leather shoes, and because prices are low. And I began to bypass the

Chain stores household "EVA" (Kharkiv)

In this city of Kharkiv has a good network of shops household "Eve", which are always conveniently located

Удобнейшие ортопедические матрасы

С момента покупки матраса Амстердам в салоне Консул прошло два года. С уверенностью могу сказать, что это самый лучший м

Shop Curtain "Your Room" in Kharkov - will help pick up and podoshyut

In the salon we picked up his curtains and drapes. Girls consultants well versed in interior design and helped me to

Belarusian hypermarket "Hippo" - products for every taste

I like to shop in the hypermarket, because here you can buy everything at once. There have been times when I forgot

shop "Rive Gauche" in Tver

Visit this opened up recently in Tver magizin "Rive Gauche". The range is not as big as a perfume, but it

Shop BADEN Penza gives the opportunity to buy comfortable shoes of high quality.

The entire adult life had no problems with buying shoes, as they have a narrow foot. With age, the foot began to deform

Shop "Gurmandiz" in Rostov-on-Don - discounts ever.

I like this store because there is always something so and sold at a discount. Always nice to save money. A number of

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