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Trial-sport Samara - Review

-4 14.02.2014

Trial-sport in Samara half staff

  • on map 53.255451 50.212551 16

Went to Trial-sport, which is located in Samara street, Novo-Sadovaya 363b, C was near my house, to choose a bike. Waited a long time for the appearance of the seller-adviser finally came. Asked him about the product, nothing distinct has not heard, only one sleepy murmur. Asked about a discount, which is seen in advertising, came upon a quizzical look. And could not stir. A couple of times ran to the store for some needs, sellers was much more, but they all gathered together and were discussing something, to buyers them was not. In the end was forced to look for a sports store away from home.

Tags: Trial-sport Samara, Novo-Sadovaya 363б bike sport

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