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The Trojan blocked Windows and want to send SMS? No need to pay a criminal! - Review

-5 24.06.2011

The Trojan blocked Windows and want to send SMS? No need to pay a criminal!

Reviews: Fraud scams

The other day there was a prinepriyatnaya story, picked up a computer business which is zarazku one of the sites that I use quite often - as a result of allegations of viewing and printing of material containing elements of pedophilia, threats of criminal action and the actual requirement of dough on the number of course :) for all this nonsense talk resolute NO! and long live the startup disk with Kasperychem! A couple of hours and all charges dropped :) But stebezh team within the next week, is guaranteed)

Tags: Trojan blocked, blocked windows, Trojan requires sms, You want to send sms

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