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Toilet paper №56 Bright - Review

-4 28.06.2013

Toilet paper # 56 «bright»

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Never thought that I would have to write a review about toilet paper. But the product from the manufacturer of the Nizhny Novgorod OOO "paper plus I made. Toilet paper # 56 «bright» is neither belosnežnost′û nor brightness (despite its name). Although for such a ridiculous price ($ 6) expect these qualities. Another more important product-strength-all is far from perfect. The paper is so thin that it had to spend more than the required number, in the end it is only enough for 2-3 days maximum. In addition, the absence of inside hole roll imposes some inconvenience while using it. Other shortcomings have been identified so far, but this is enough to ensure that in future toilet paper # 56 «bright» did not purchase.

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