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Отзыв о покупке в магазине Ocean Balloons - Review

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Stroller Baby Design Bunny - Small

Of all the strollers have chosen this beautiful and easy to use, but bought it when the kid still has not been, it

Breast "Kurnosiki" - no matter how tried, the result - zero

I bought a hand-pump "Kurnosiki" while still in the hospital. Of course, I understand that from the cheap

Pyramid Pleydorado (RF), the quality is not very good.

Bought baby pyramid. Do not like the quality, of course, the baby pulls everything in his mouth, chews Circuits, so

finger paints OLLI

Daughter bought finger paints OLLI. Child (2.3 years) sat down to draw. The child was delighted, until I had to move

Buggy Capella S-901 - unstable

The general opinion about this stroller had the more negative. It is completely non-compact, fairly heavy, the front

Covers for textbooks Polymer

I bought my son covers for textbooks for first class manufacturer of " Polymer ". Liked that they are

Sledge Hamax Sno Fire - all is not that expensive - good

This winter ever watched as a neighbor kid with my parents suffer with these expensive sleds. And Mom and Dad after a

Penetrates into tissue Handgum

Bought some gum for seven-year-old son liked Handgum claims. Handgum fully conform to the description, but it is not

Toy TM «Disney» Mickey 35cm - very expensive

She gave a toy Mickey brand «Disney» for your baby a lot of money, but in the end, these costs were not justified, the t

Canpol the reins did not help my daughter learn to walk

When our baby learned to walk, we are thinking about purchasing the reins. Did not have to buy, friends to borrow given

Rattle Summer Kiddieland - sweet melodies disappeared the first night

baby rattle brought his grandparents as a gift, all so bright and beautiful, flashing lights and performing pleasant

Toy Ouaps Dancing Mimi does not work

We bought this toy a child, who looked beautiful, bright, promising a lot of dances and tunes. We started to play with

Sandals Bambini served for about two months, the quality is not very good.

Sandals Bambini liked the younger daughter. In front are decorated with bright strawberry. These sandals have served us

Toy: Company parking ELC - the quality is good, but quickly tired child

I think only the good toys are not only long break and are not harmful to health, it is important that the child is

Chair for bathing a child - a useless purchase.

Bathing her child, I used the modern accessories. One of them was the chair for bathing in the adult bath. It can be

Bodykit Sofija Ola - still use today

Quality, as they say, forever. They have been sleeping. First son was sleeping in them, and then the youngest daughter.

Educational game "Little Labyrinth" of "cog and Shpuntik" - a useful and interesting toy

I enjoy, even in his spare time he loved to perekidat ring, even soothing. And my daughter just loved, can sit for

Children's toy laptop iKID Startright - very useful for a child

This notebook is not only able to distract the child for a few hours, but still very useful for development.

Bottle Warmer Canpol Babies (2/274) - compact

I always thought that this was not the correct thing. I saw a friend Canpol heater and was surprised that there are

Cream of the Jack Frost Children of Avanta moisturizes well.

I do not know how much frost guard and cold, while a small daughter, can not tell))) But the moisturizing properties of

Tricycle "Smart-Trike Zoo" - all the cool

We have a tricycle "Smart-Trike Zoo", all very cool! The wheels do not make noise, comfortable seat, handle

Teddy "Teddy Bear" with tales of the "Pyramid of discovery" - he tells stories

Toy obaldeznaya like the idea. With the perfect toy to sleep, bear different voices telling our stories: Speckled Hen,

Children's boots, boots on the brand Zebra warm, comfortable and beautiful.

Children's boots Brand Zebra - cute boots, boots with thick soles comfortable. On each side there is a zipper

GiGi Bloks – экологически чистый картонный конструктор.

Очень люблю полезные игрушки, особенно развивающие детские конструкторы. У дочки их огромное количество. А недавно у на


This high-quality, made to the conscience, beautiful soft toys. Plus, they are absolutely safe, as are made from

Detimag - a good Net-Shop

Good online store. Delivery is through the city, ordered a wheelchair for a child, delivered on time, paid for the

"Kitten" from Avon - campaign "Together Against Breast Cancer"

Such a good toy, I had never met! First of all, very pleased that buying a product for your child, you know that all of

Clay Play Doh from Hasbro U.S. - work without pain.

Play Doh modeling clay is very easy to use. Each color in a separate jar. If the clay is dry - add water. If you fill

Spoon feeding BabyBjorn-perfect spoon.

Feeding son to these spoons. They are good quality, comfortable to hold their child. They are gaining just the right

Shop "childhood dream"

Slowly ready to fly, bought in the shop "the Children's dream, baby buggies Milly Mally Raider. Stroller good quality,

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