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multimarca MYSTERY MCM-1012! - Review

-5 17.02.2014

Terrible мультиварка MYSTERY MCM-1012!

Wife wanted multiverse, well I went and bought MYSTERY MCM-1012. At first, everything seemed to be normal. And when beginning to prepare the potatoes, and fish, everything began to burn even though it was done according to the instructions in the attached workbook. While washing the pots, nothing can be washed. Inserting a pan, put him aside and bought a normal мультиварка. Tip: don't buy multivarki unchecked brands.

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Хороший кран

Я как только увидела этот смеситель, то сразу его захотела, так как он красиво бы смотрелся на нашей кухне. Omoikiri сде

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