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Terrible tonic from Garnier Garnier - clarifying toner against blackheads Clear skin! - Review

1 17.11.2012 | 18 November 2012 at 17:56

Terrible tonic from Garnier (Garnier) - clarifying toner against blackheads Clear skin!

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Tonic Garnier (Garnier) "Clean skin" terrible smell, such that many eyes cutting! Tonic supposedly removes blackheads, regulates oil balance of the skin, tightens pores and skin matting. But all this does not coincide with reality. Dry up the skin, which she blushed and bake, it is called regulates fat balance? Purifying Toner against blackheads Garnier contains propylene glycol, a very harmful substance, a substitute for glycerin. So the first 10 times think whether you need these problems ..

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Makeup Remover Lotion for sensitive skin Garnier came to me perfectly, until then a lot of things tasted, all the while

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The gel cleanser Garnier Pure skin a pleasant feeling of clean skin.

Amazing Gel, after the application gives you a feeling of freshness and purity, probably due to menthol. The gel is

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Day Cream "hut" on the Siberian Healthcare Corporation is good for mature skin - that my mother was convinced

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