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Shredder HSM Securio B22 3.9 what you need for a small firm. - Review

3 17.04.2012

Shredder HSM Securio B22 (3.9) what you need for a small firm.

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I have my own small company, even though I have not experienced leader, but I try. Recently, my father was a businessman with 20 years of experience I saw that all the documents in my company just torn and thrown away. And it is fundamentally wrong, they need to destroy so that nothing can be recovered and read. In the end, I decided to buy shredder documents. After reading the reviews to the destroyers of the documents and compare their prices, I chose the model of the HSM Securio B22 (3.9). Do you like the strict, "office" design, ease of use, and affordable for a small company price.

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