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An Electric Skateboard Ultron T11 - Review

5 14.02.2019

In Giroskutershop for a cool scooter!

In November my husband and I looked at the store's website GIRISKUTERSHOP and "drooled" on an electric skateboard Ultron T11 2400W. Then it cost almost 100 thousand, but it was cheaper than other for 5-10 thousand But the purchase was postponed, it was ahead of Christmas waste, we flew for a week on vacation. A week ago I went to the site and saw a discount of more than 20 thousand. This opportunity we did not miss and place your order. Shipping is free, and the gift put a stick for selfi! Transportation is awesome!!! Comes with the seat, but we do not set, we go together on it - romaantica! It lifts up to 150 lbs! We accelerated to 65 km/h, sustainable, and wheels big as the Hummer!!! We are up to parents and back 70 km, we pass this distance on a single charge, the characteristics of up to 85 km range! The powerful dual shock absorbers ensure a smooth ride even on rough surfaces. Purchase are happy as children!!!

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