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The store Delotehnika in Maikop work skilled and attentive staff. - Review

4 05.04.2012

The store "Delotehnika" in Maikop work skilled and attentive staff.

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Shop "Delotehnika" in Maikop especially liked the level of service. Sometimes hard to find the right card or consult the available for sale "iron." Vendors and consultants at the store helped pertain the right equipment for your computer. Rarely has the attentive staff will meet in the shops.

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Salon-shop "Zotchy" city of Rivne - sells only quality products

a long time we were looking for good, not expensive in comparison, wooden windows, and in the store found suitable.

In the Artist, Nikolaev polite sellers

In Store Artist very polite and compliant professional sellers. I see this situation for many years and is very happy

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Shop H & M - style and low price

Retail chain H & M are very pleased with me, first of all its costs, it can be fully dressed for 5 t.rubley.

Где купить детскую мебель ? В магазине Детский 1

На днях купила маленькому замечательный манежик и мягкий бампер для него от немецкой фирмы Geuther. Долго присматривалас

The store "Shaurma" in Maikop, attentive staff.

We went to the store recently, "Shaurma" in Maikop. We thought the name that they sell the meat or something

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The entire adult life had no problems with buying shoes, as they have a narrow foot. With age, the foot began to deform

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In Store "Elite T" in the city of Maikop, a large selection of building materials, finishing materials and

It was a pleasure to deal with.

Long wanted to make the apartment warm floors. And in the beginning of last fall we decided to do. For material, we

The store of household goods "Cinderella" in Maikop, good prices and helpful salespeople.

Household goods store "Cinderella" in Maikop liked. Especially impressed that there are a variety of goods

World Book Store Barnaul

I love to go to bookstores, Book World, as far as possible do not miss. Although rarely buy for themselves - used to

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