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In the repair shop cell phones Express Bratsk work unskilled masters - Review

-5 13.11.2012

In the repair shop cell phones "Express" Bratsk work unskilled masters

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This year, my cell phone a fault - a vague image of letters and numbers, like a split. All functions work fine, but the bad image prevented read SMSes. Warranty has passed, the phone 4 years, came to the workshop "Express" on the street. Komsomolskaya 70. When I opened the master body, looked, said a trifling fault, and in a week you can pick up the phone. Came with peace of mind at the appointed time, I was handed the phone, checked - the image is normal. What was my surprise a few days later, when she discovered that he had become sound skips. Silent about media, music and radio has become impossible to listen to, but even with the usual phone calls barely rattled. The receipt was written warranty for repair - 6 months, came back to the studio. The same master was to assure me that the phone is already old, it's time to buy a new one, and that the sound was lost - not his fault, he corrected image only, nothing else touched. To my claim that before going to the studio with a sound never had no problems, he replied that he is not responsible for operation of the phone in general, but only for what is written on the receipt. I get the impression that he had changed some details in my phone to the old, well so could not just get lost sound. He suggested that I take over the repair, the amount stated in 1200 rubles., That given the fact that the first time I paid about 500 rubles. It was cheaper to add a little bit and buy a new phone of the same class, I refused. That's how I messed up the phone in the shop, so it would be better not to give up at all. Now the sound was lost in general, the tube is lying idle, saving up money for a new one.

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