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In the private educational institution ART Ivanovo, you can not teach accounting - Review

-5 30.11.2011

In the private educational institution "ART" (Ivanovo), you can not teach accounting

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Recently, I decided to finish the training of accountants. My choice has stopped on the KNOW "ART", because I was assured it that after the completion of their courses, I'll be perfectly master of accounting programs and know very bookkeeping. But in the end everything turned out quite different. Accounts I have not heard, because teacher, who gave us a lecture on the subject did so quickly that it was impossible to even understand what she says. Accounting software do I learn the same way failed because on the computers we work out the entire 2 hours. In general, I graduated from these courses, received a certificate that says that I was qualified as "Accountant with knowledge of the PC (1C: Accounting)". But my knowledge in the accounting issues have been zero, so these remained.

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