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vaginal tablets Gynoflor Gynoflor Medinova - Review

-2 06.12.2014

vaginal tablets Gynoflor hard to enter

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your doctor has prescribed to restore the vaginal flora to use vaginal tablets Gynoflor Gynoflor Medinova. The action and effect is a good drug. But according to the specific procedure is horror. As soon as I try to enter the first pill, then apply this drug is not desirable. Because the tablet is simply impossible to enter! It is absolutely without lubrication, without the fatty components, which could facilitate the introduction. The tablet still hangs at the entrance. If you try it, even by a millimeter promote deeper experience pain and friction. And of the penetration and promotion of tablets (as required by the instructions deep insertion) absolutely not! Saved only by the fact that moistened the tablet with water, although this statement is not mentioned and is not recommended.

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