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Vitamin-mineral complex Vitrum - Review

5 26.09.2017

Vitrum the best

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Do I need to take vitamins in the spring/fall? Yes! Why? The body lacks vitamins and minerals, hence sickness, weakness.
Why is Vitrum, because of the vitamins in the drugstore a lot?
Vitrum the best, they are not BAD, and BOS, they have the most complete, 17 minerals, see other vitamin complexes, nowhere else, 13 vitamins, same story, iodine, selenium, chromium, zinc, D3, E,A,C, Yes, everything is there.
The reception as with the alphabet do not get confused, 1 tablet a day and you are healthy.

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Bought Pikovit syrup when I found out about its properties, I realized that I did the right choice. 9 vitamins, the

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