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granulator Bear 1 - Review

5 05.02.2020

All happy, the manufacturer recommend.

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I decided to buy a pellet mill for feed production, as feed quality and formulation providers leaves much to be desired. High performance was not required, as originally planning to do only for their cattle.
After sitting on the forums reading about the work of the granulator, watched the video began to study prices. I stopped at the company's Russian granulator. After talking with the Manager, stopped on the model Bear 1, because the performance is great, I don't need it 600 kg/h.
Made an agreement, made a payment, then I signalled readiness to pay the remaining amount and sent me the equipment TC at my expense. Took granulator, brought, installed, hooked up. Have prenatal matrix without problems for 2.5 hours, the rollers also pulled and covered chopped hay in trial and... The pellet went! In the work and setting up the unit is very easy to use, a great mind is not required. All happy, the manufacturer recommend.

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