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The service of goods delivery from the USA - the us. - Review

5 21.09.2016

High quality services)

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Ordered through mail-order for the first time. Earlier I tried to use other similar services. The prices are more or less the same. But the quality of services for our services is definitely higher. The premise I had is quite heavy - 12-13 kg. Shipment plus insurance got up to $ 200. Shipping warehouse for our services to Moscow took only 5 days (I chose Qwintry Air). Other ways such a speed could not boast of)) Packed very, very well. If I knew that so will be and would have refused insurance. In General, I recommend obieone hands! And by the way, on the forum you can sometimes find coupons for a 3% discount and save a bit)))

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Taxi "Taksishka" - a disgusting organization! Taxis are late, plus a couple of times there are cases where

The sewer system in Chisinau is not designed for heavy rains

Every year, when rain is rain, many of the streets in Chisinau immediately floods. Have you seen such a car on a roof

Nail polish remover "econta",

Acquired nail polish remover without acetone polish "econta", Producer "Domiks" in Moscow (at the

Energy saving lamp "Ecola Spiral 25W" - burned out quickly!

I bought five energy-saving lamps "Ecola Spiral 25W". A week later, I have one already burned, and over the

gathered to make repairs

gathered hang wallpaper? choose carefully glue. I was faced with the adhesive Pufas Ekonom. as stated on the packaging,

Cleaner plumbing Econel

Acquired cleaner plumbing Econel and once again that: low price - poor quality! Absolutely nothing is clean, everything

In pots for baking "pineapple" manufacturer "Honey House" fall off the handle

If you want to buy pots for baking, it is best to take it without handles, because they quickly fall off at the sink

Sanitary towels Naturella Camomile - irritating

Women's sanitary pads Naturella I do not like. First, it does not have a mesh surface, so the fast break, and


I'd not dealt with the company Gefest I have no one to warn, so I got( Ordered mufflers, half the

Booklet Bindstream M08 + by the faulty ProfiOffice survivor in the office.

Booklet brand ProfiOffice. Model Bindstream M08 + served only three years. Some faults can not use it effectively. It

Scales Samsung Pleomax SBC-002 show an incorrect weight.

Bought in Search scales Samsung Pleomax SBC-002. The appearance is beautiful. But the weight of the show wrong. On one

mosquito repellent "mosquitoll" allergy.

I bought a mosquito "mosquitoll" tried to sprinkle and the mosquitoes do not bite, everything was fine, but

Washing powder BiMax 100 automatic spots - washes the other powders, but the smell is awful

This washes the powder stains on the level of the average price of powder. But I do not like the blue pellets ish so

Incense sticks "Orange"

Bought incense sticks "Orange", according to the packaging, the smell of fresh orange promised. When it's

"Fun" trash bags

While standing on the Peron station in Bologna, my attention was attracted by garbage bags of colored plastic. Do not

Большой ассортимент сейфов.

Сейф выбрать не так просто, как думаешь поначалу. Вот и мы, когда попали в шоу-рум Мир Сейфов просто были поражены таком


Очень вкусные осетинские пироги доставляются службой доставки «Легенда Аланов» осетинские пироги 8 (


Раньше я был безразличен к осетинским пирогам, но сейчас просто обожаю, ведь в службе доставки «Легенда Аланов» осетинс

Good thing

In early September ordered the cover for the toilet SATO DB400 in the store I hesitated for a long time


У нас в семье все любят осетинские пироги и превосходно разбираются во вкусе, так вот, если уж они все довольны осетинс

быстро и чисто работают

После покупки квартиры, нужно было вывезти вещи от старых хозяев, довольно много они оставили. Мы бы этого не сделать, н


Заказывал в этой компании стрейч пленку для нужд своей фирмы, на изготовление ушло 4 дня ещё через 4 доставили мне до ск

SATO DB400 качественная модель

Линейка в производителя SATO не большая, всего у них 3 модели, бюджетная, премиум и люкс класса, решил приобрести не дор

Professional cleaning services

"Prima-KLINING" provides a range of services: • Dry cleaning of curtains and carpets • Chemical cleaning of Venetian

Electronic cigarettes

quit smoking so far unsuccessfully, has acquired e-cigarettes, it turned out - not a bad thing, a bit like a hookah,

Пищевой принтер Роспринтер

Все-таки хороший профессиональный принтер найти не так просто. И вариант Пищевик-2 (Роспринтер) устроил меня по всем пок


Хорошие осетинские пироги это те, что быстро доставляются и бывают очень вкусные, так вот, тут в службе доставки осетинс

Printer paper Printer paper "COLOTECH +", XEROX. The best paper I have not seen

In this paper an excellent quality. Enjoyed a variety of paper and different densities, was very pleased. With the


Сегодня хочу поделится своим мнение о сети аптек Самсон-Фарма. Очень нравится обслуживание и то, как все продумано для у

Furniture polish PRONTO, an excellent firm Johnson

I like it! Do not leave any divorce, it smells good! Even in contact with glass and mirrors do not leave traces, well

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