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Reclip - pills for sleeping - Review

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Drops "Beres plus" by Beres - no effect

The doctor wrote a prescription for this drug, she said that my weakness will pass, and I feel energized. Nothing that

Florished-Health caps. No. 20, FC LLC Health - causes itching and swelling

After a severe nervous exhaustion, the doctor prescribed me a drug Florished. The pharmacy I got Florished-Health caps.

Spray Aricept

Attributed to me this spray, when was diagnosed with tonsillitis. The spray is not very pleasant to the taste. My

Cold Ointments Dr IOM Slave (Doktor MOM Cold Rub) - just do not need to smear the nose

It does not agree with the manufacturer recommends that apply ointment on the wings of the nose from the cold. I tried

Drops Sadak from allergies cause drowsiness

Drops Sudak prescribed by the doctor for the treatment of allergic rhinitis. Unfortunately drops cause drowsiness and

Lemsip - chemistry of high concentration

, Hot in pursuit, so to speak... Ill treated colds oddly enough, the funds from the cold. Husband brought "Lemsip

Drug "Bear fat" can hurt. Be careful!

The attending physician ordered a baby "bear grease" for suffering complications from bronchitis. Began to

SOLCOSERYL ointment 2.07 mg/g tube 20 g MEDA Pharmaceuticals Switzerland does not help with burns

There was a small thermal burn on the hand and in the pharmacy and the pharmacist recommended that I SOLCOSERYL

Apilak Grindeks for increasing of lactation

Apilak we were advised by the doctor for increasing of lactation, for my milk was little. With Apilaka actually more

Avon foot works skin remover

Bought something in the Avon catalog tool to soften the rough skin of the feet Avon foot works skin remover. Thought

Ointment Sinaflana not helped

When the problem with the skin doctor prescribed ointment Sinaflana. Following the instructions of the physician

Simalgel heartburn does not help

The drug Simalgel Antacid for heartburn and heaviness in the stomach advised me to a local doctor, gastrology. The

" Fluimucil " can cause heartburn.

Cough medication I was prescribed " Fluimucil " from the manufacturer " by Zambon

Vitamins Sanofi aventis Magne B6

Vitamins Sanofi aventis Magne B6 - did not help me. They promise to calm the nerves, nourish the heart, at the expense

Cefutil (CEFUTIL) 250mg Pharma International

Ill with bronchitis, the doctor prescribed the antibiotic Cefutil (CEFUTIL) 250mg Pharma International, took on the

The preparation of diarrhea "Loperamide" WARSAW PHARMACEUTICAL WORK Poland very quickly helps.

I do not know of any other remedy for diarrhea, which acted as quickly as "Loperamide". If you have a problem

Antiseptic "Miramistin" Darnitsa - a good remedy for many ailments

We have a tool as indispensable and "Savior," it is not only disinfects the wound and just hand it is still

spray These Daisy

Discovered a new drug for the treatment and prevention of colds and SARS. This spray These Daisy, natural, no

Skinoren is a fairly effective tool

When I had a problem with pimples, I bought this preparat.On costs about 700 rubles, but the effect of stoit.Litso

Drops "Urolesan" from AT "Halychpharm" - a very effective drug for the treatment and prevention of ill

As a child I was diagnosed with "kidney stone diathesis." Sometimes very sore kidneys, so that even I can not

Syrup "Ambroxol" of CJSC "Borschagovsky Chemical-Pharmaceutical Plant" has helped us to quickly

The syrup is relatively cheap, and tell you a secret, most of the expectorant syrup is made based on this. They just

Got rid of the symptoms of menopause

In my 46 years I learned what climate syndrome. But vain words – climax. It's creepy, honestly. Like feel still young a

Forlax helps with constipation

I have constipation appeared after a long trip, a week spent in the train and all the time only once went to the

Помог победить «детсадовские» болячки

Ну вот и мы в сад пошли. И что вы думаете? Конечно же начали болеть. А вообще у меня ребенок до двух лет практически не

Aromabalzam "Red Elephant" from "Fito Pharma" - good fights against insect bites

This aromabalzam stood on my shelf for two years has probably already thought never come in handy, but in summer I was

Nazaval plus a good nasal spray.

Very good nasal spray, nasal congestion clears immediately. Very convenient package, you can take with you into her

Bocklin - friend of the skin, the enemy of chickenpox

Chicken pox is not such a terrible disease, when there is how to treat it. Until a child got chicken pox, I have been

Convenient bottle, useful syrup

Thank you to the developers, the syrup helps and good packaging. Dosing is convenient thanks to little neck, not PLWHA

Foul Maltofer chewable tablets Vifor Switzerland - increase hemoglobin

At delivery blood count revealed that I have low hemoglobin. The doctor advised to do biochemical analysis of blood,

An effective drug

I can only say good about this company. The drug is effective, has recovered fully from CHC. The price is affordable,

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