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Women's perfume Lancome Hypnose - Hypnosis from an exquisite woman - Review

1 30.11.2016

causes a hypnotic effect on men

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hypnotic effect on men, beautiful design of the bottle.
tart, the flavor on the lover.
Lancome Hypnose is a woody fragrance with notes of East. It is hidden the mystery of Oriental women, which lures and attracts, something strange and mysterious. It is impossible to grasp and comprehend what exactly it is fascinating.Notes of vanilla, vetiver, white flowers and passion flower create this hypnotic fragrance. Create a deep and complex meaning, which can only be understood by men.If you are not afraid to experiment, desire to have power and temptation in your hands, then try Lancome Hypnose. Personally, I have a bottle of such perfume. In search of his beloved, many times I went on dates with different guys, the spirits liked all without exception! They attract, captivate give birth to men. I them advised one friend said that guys will not rebound!)) Heavy sweet flavor, more suitable for brunettes!

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