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The airline LOT - Review

5 14.01.2020

Wonderful chair the company has a LOT

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Some people have problem: tall and long legs, respectively! Fly LOT, convenient!

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Due to a family emergency I had to move back the date of flight Aeroflot flight from New York to Moscow. Although the

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Just a few days ago, I flew from Tunisia. And in Tunisia, and from him I was flying with planes of the Tunisian airline

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Fun waving wings of airplanes Vietnam Airlines on domestic flights, it's time to change the park, airplanes,

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The airline "Aeroflot" - toughened baggage rules

Previously, the airline "Aeroflot" allowed to carry up to 23 kg for 1 person. And any amount of luggage room.

The airline "Aeroflot"

A couple of times flying vacation airline "Aeroflot" I was unhappy. Namely, I did not like the delay of

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Airlines flying China Southern Airlines (China Southern Airlines) on the route Moscow - Urumqi - Guangzhou - Melbourne

Salmon on the Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Antalya

I do not advise to take a bite in Aeroflot salmon, first of all, this dish is not a piece of fish, and some stuffing

Tayeyrveyz (Thai Airways) office in Moscow

to call the office in Moscow is almost impossible! Girls, stop drinking tea and coffee, pick up the phone soizvolte

Emirates, the airline goes bad

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onurair-the most economical flights to Turkey

Turkey work in six months, we have to fly from Antalya to Istanbul. And all the time I fly these airlines at the rate

Airline AirBerlin

make flights to Germany and back with the company AirBerlin. Service level! Planes are new. Flight without delay,

SAS-Airlines, which is always ready to help passengers.

Recently flew to Norway to Kristiansand with a change in Oslo. Too late for a flight SAS, because at passport control

Landed well

I offered to travel agencies flight Odessa> Turkey with Ukraine International Airlines. As a result, the flight was

Lufthansa is pleased at all stages

flew to Italy with a stopover in Frankfurt. Bylety ordered during the sale, it came out very cheaply. At all stages of

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Used the services of Emirates airlines more than once, each time amazed the highest level of precision, comfort and

Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Antalya

Aeroflot changing for the better, had not flown by the company, a brand new aircraft Airbus 320, the staff began to

The airline Airasia - cheap and convenient

Recently used the services of airline Airasia and stayed more than satisfied. Flights on the route Bangkok - Hanoi cost

Aeroflot compensation for delayed flights

Before the New Year holidays flew by Aeroflot, the flight was delayed for several hours. On return from leave us

The airline "Transaero" - the best in Russia!

This class provides the airline moscow flights to almost all corners of the world. From year to year, I use the

Great service

Very often fly on business trips. Have chosen for myself recently, this is just wonderful service, the service is

Hostess Emirates

Cute and helpful! Powered mikskomanda, Japanese, Europeans, Asians. Well done!

Airline Emirates - well done!

Often I fly Emirates, enjoy! Modern planes, good service, inexpensive, user-friendly. Better to buy tickets through the


A lot of time have to travel for work on business trips. A year ago, I went on the bus or train, which is very tedious

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