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Ekogroszku - Review

5 13.01.2020

Wooden toys

Reviews: Children / Baby goods

This year for the kids in our group purchased wooden toys from Santa Claus. Found on the Internet supplier of these toys, even did not expect that such prices can be as cool toys. The kids were happy, my daughter so exactly, and as parents, we are also pleased with the quality and price. Excellent manufacturer. Suggest them safely!

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Modeling Dough "Razvivashki" - my son loved it.

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Chicco pl.150 ml bottle-Girl, L / s, a hole, a good quality norm.potok

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Reading the card game "Island of Fear" - class

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Children's Hair Mascara Estel Professional "My Angel" with neon glow -

Hair Mascara children Estel Professional "My Angel" with the neon glow of a real boon for young fashionistas.

Scooter Y-bike is a great scooter

My daughter has long asked her scooter to buy, and recently we bought her a scooter Y bike - excellent company, quality

Floating clay from TM Ray - like children.

My niece was given a floating clay by the TM beam. Products made of this clay did not sink in water. Baby in delight,

Pencil soothing itching from mosquito bites Chicco-indispensable thing.

Pencil soothing itching from mosquito bites Chicco, quickly and effectively relieves itching from mosquito bites in the

A family game of "Twister," pulls together

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Convertible crib «Dolce White» from TM «Giovanni» - perfect quality

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