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Галь-лак Maestro Professional - Review

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Antiperspirant Dove

Bought antiperspirant Dove cucumber and green tea. In addition to a pleasant smell, nothing good about this

Liquid soap Chamomile Flower shop

We bought a home hand wash liquid soap Chamomile Flower shop. Terrible quality I'll tell you a cute, very bad

Eyelash serum Eveline Cosmetics

No eyelashes, so I bought an active serum for them 3 in 1 of Eveline Cosmetics. Oils for about a week, the effect is

Hand cream, dead sea minerals

Bought back another hand cream. Called Hand Cream Minerals dead morya.I not happy for what it does not say as

Lotion - Spray repellent "Kontra" from insect bites on the ODO "Belbiohim" did not meet my STBY

Lotion - Spray repellent "Kontra" from the bites of mosquitoes, gnats, flies from the ODL

Baby bath lotion Avon

Baby bath lotion from Avon - Berry blast (fun colors) just struck me. The manufacturer promised that the child will be

Tanning lotion Emerald Bay-I do not like this cream.

With this cream to be careful. If you use it for more than four times a month, there may be problems associated with

Bezsmyslenno remedy for Oriflame

I bought a "tool for the growth of nails" Nutritional kiwi »" Oriflame Beauty Growth Booster.

Sally Hansen Nail disgusting smell

Nail Polish Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear is terribly bad, therefore the nails in the house can not be

Cream for nail growth Nail Spa Control by Alessandro - no better than the cheaper options

I really wanted to grow strong and healthy nails, so I decided not to save money and bought for 700 rubles cream for

Foot Cream "Clean Line" - does not help.

I bought this cream in the hope that it will help my cracked heels. It is very difficult to find a cream that will

Nail Zinger Regular-lousy results.

I did not paint the nails with nail polish Zinger Regular. When applying the paint immediately flowed unevenly

Tool for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, ADVANCED Lash-did not help.

ADVANCED Lash was not helpful. Eyebrows and eyelashes are not only not increased, but as if diminished. I do not know

Unable to cope With the most simple spots

I, as a mother of two hooligans (3 months and 2 years 3 months)'t imagine a single day without washing. Well, that in

Toothpaste «Glister» TM «Amway» - almost spoiled the tooth enamel!

I bought toothpaste «Glister» TM «Amway» the consultant, who promised to stunning effect of the use. The very first imp

Wax Strips Veet c Aloe Vera for Dry Skin - removes well

Wax Strips Veet c Aloe Vera for Dry Skin decided to finally get under pressure from friends. She told me they are very

Bath Bomb by Lush - whitens the skin and makes it soft

I liked to take a bath with aromatic bombs from Lush with extracts of lemon and lavender. Lemon whitens skin, removes

The secret to a lasting manicure!

Hi! Will share the secret of lasting manicure! This tool will be useful for those who like me do not like the gel

Propeller cleansing nose strips for classic - this is just a class.

Enjoyed cleansing strips for the nose propeller only once and was satisfied, except for the pain, of course. But that

the ink is not liked

I was pleased tosua in a month she just withered away, that was a surprise and chagrin terrible. Don't buy from them

Perfectly smooths nails!

The ideal equalizer is versatile enough nails caring nail. For a long time did shellac, before the New year this work

Nail Enamel (made in Japan) - resistant paint for little money

Even on my nails brittle and thin paint lasts for 5 days at a price of 110 rubles, nail falls flat. Another plus -

Emollient Oriflame Tender Care Vanilla

The wonderful thing! The little jar is constantly in my purse. Pros: economical rate, a nice vanilla flavor,

Electric Toothbrush Braun B 1010 CrossActionPower (Germany) - very handy, but there are questions.

Good toothbrush, an excellent replacement for a simple brush. Cleans in two modes, there is a removable nozzle. Do not

Dishwashing detergent Dish Drops from Amway - a tool selects the dishes and your hands

dish detergent Dish Drops I started using two years ago. After the banquet in honor of the 50th-ment of marriage and

Hand Balm Yves Rocher protection from the cold, a good save from the cold winters.

Recently tested in Action Hand Balm Yves Rocher protection from the cold. It really helps. In a cold house, I had

Wipes from the Garnier «ration of beauty" - I'm happy.

I use the wipes on the Garnier «ration of beauty" and is very happy with them. I like their smell, as well as the

Leveling base for nails with talc Vivienne Sabo Bon Elixir

Wonderful tool! Especially as an alternative to a colorless varnish - nails look very natural nail plate is smooth,

Toothpaste Blend-a-med - the best choice.

Of all the toothpaste feel better this paste. Cleans the teeth, prevents tooth decay, last year I visit the dentist

Mascara "XXL" manufacturer of "Luxury Make-up" - lashes become superobem

Recently, I prefer the Belarusian cosmetics, it is cheap and high quality. Recent acquisition of mascara,

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