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Law firm Juris-D Donetsk - Review

-4 11.03.2013

Law firm "Juris-D" Donetsk

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In a law firm, "Juris-D" I had to go on duty - it was necessary to perform the registration procedure increase the authorized capital of the enterprise. On our part payment was made on time. But to get from the company "Juris-D" registered charter with the changes has been very difficult. For about a month, I tried to get obtain the necessary documents. Our order took performance lawyer Alexander O. Derkach, who always referred to his employment. In fact, I had to keep reminding the artist of your order. After completing the registration process for another hour I had to wait in the reception area of ​​the company to obtain the necessary documents. In addition, the firm "Juris-D" is in the basement, where there takes mobile communication. As a result, impossible to reach employees on a mobile phone or the most to stay in touch at the office of the firm. I advise you not to go to "Juris-D" as executive discipline specialists of the organization is poor.

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