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The sanatorium "Praleska" in Zhdanovichy a rest failed.

The Sanatorium Praleska "in pos.Zhdanovichi near Minsk lived in a room with windows facing to the catering

Sanatorium "Helios" in Yalta - a very inconvenient location of buildings

Sanatorium "Helios" in Evpatoria is one of those buildings that have a built in Soviet times, so then

X / f. "Girls Against Boys"

Lord, what nonsense cf "Girls Against Boys", a couple of guys to kill hysterical than nothing, and then all

Sanatorium "Salute" Zheleznovodsk - skukota

Went with the child to the health resort "Salute", which is located in Zheleznovodsk. Treatment -

Should I go for treatment in the sanatorium "greenhouses" Carpathians, Uzhgorod region. Vinogradov?

Very disappointed with a stay in a sanatorium, "greenhouse", which is located in the Carpathian Mountains

Sanatorium "Cheremosh" in Morshyn - old housing and furniture

One of the oldest resorts in Morshyn - is "Cheremosh." He has a lot of buildings and all of them are old and

Tainted rest in sanatorium "Oldysh" JSC "Sumyhimproma" (Sumy)

After staying in "Oldyshe" remained unpleasant memories. First, the rooms are simple dominance of ants climb

Expensive and boring at the sanatorium "Karagai Forest" (Chelyabinsk region)

In this resort a good rest, if you want to escape from civilization. But it's worth a lot cheaper to have a rest in

Sanatorium "picket" - saving all

2 weeks rest in the sanatorium "picket" in Kislovodsk. Remained negative impressions of the resort dining

Evpatoriskaya mud baths "Moinaki" (Crimea, Evpatoria) - breakdown

In the eighties, this hospital has flourished and could heal thousands of people come here. My mother remembers that

Sanatorium PAO "Slavtyazhmash," Mr. Slavyansk, remained only in the memories!

What is nostalgia and regret to the inhabitants of the city looking for a former sanatorium. Once there, vacationers

Failure of the location of buildings in the sanatorium treatment to them. Volodarsky (Penza).

Health, in principle, not bad. He specializes in treating heart disease. However, medical and residential housing are

The sanatorium "Riverlands" uncomfortable and bored children.

Family rested in the sanatorium "Riverlands" d.Poreche Grodno region. Not like in the room - even on the

Pros and cons of treatment in the sanatorium "CHANGE" Tuapse district.

I bought a ticket to the sanatorium "Change", which specializes in the treatment of bone diseases. It was

Sanatorium Friendship (Crimea, Evpatoria) - judge for yourself ...

The child rested in the summer of 2010 on the second stream. I wanted to just pick up after seeing the conditions in

Saki mud cures many diseases

Having been in Saki, in the company's shop on the resort, we bought a Saks curative mud, which treats many

The resort "Belaya Rus" rest with pleasure.

Our family has traveled several times to rest in the sanatorium "White Russia" which is located in k.p.Naroch

Children's Sanatorium "Vita" in Anapa - the perfect place for rest and treatment, children.

This sanatorium was treated for my son, sent him there, not without trepidation, but not for a moment regretted it.

The sanatorium "Letsy" Vitebsk region well in any season.

Went to the sanatorium "Letsy" in the hole big Letsy Vitebsk region in September for "burning"

The sanatorium Mayak

The sanatorium is located in the Lighthouse Anapa on the coast near the lighthouse. I would like to mention good food

Well I take a spa "Bug" Brest region.

I went to the sanatorium "Bug" Zhabinskii district, Brest region to recover from severe pneumonia. Very nice

South Coast Sanatorium in Alupka - the best place to stay!

After a stay in a sanatorium Coast I want to go back again and again! It is located in a picturesque location, close to

Gaydarovets Sanatorium - the best in Kursk.

Vacationing in the resort city of Kursk Gaydarovets still in school. Ticket received from the ophthalmologist to

The perfect treatment at the sanatorium "Sergievskie mineral water" (Samara Province).

Health specializes in treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Its history dates back to pre-revolutionary

Sanatorium "Ukraine" Mishor Crimea

resort on the Black Sea with its large park, beach, pool, elevator to the beach. Staff is working fine: everywhere and

Central military sanatorium, Essentuki - a fantastic treatment.

For many years, tortured bowel disease. In military sanatorium in Yessentuki came against their will. Posted by my

Sanatorium Artek - rest of the body and soul

posted in this sanatorium son this summer. For all the rest time talking on the telephone only twice, as the son said

Sanatorium "Karpaty" Truskavets - a great vacation spot

In the sanatorium "Karpaty" my family and we go every summer for recreation. In order to determine which is

Sanatorium "Lavender" Lions - friendly staff and good treatment

Several times in the Lions went. Of all the resorts most liked resort "Lavender." Good rooms, many of the

Sanatorium "Lake" (Kremennaya. Luhansk region) - to correct health and be happy

During pregnancy, resting in a sanatorium on the therapist's prescription for free. I liked everything. Not many

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