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Медтехника и ортопедия Ortolab - Review

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Ceramic oil burner Himalaya India - not pretty

Girlfriend bought this lamp for a aromaudovolstvy. Its design I did not like what it is crooked or something. Saucer

Remedy for pot "Formidron" - you feel just balzamiruete!

Recently my girlfriend told me that he enjoys "Formidron" to avoid sweating armpits! I was shocked to read

Herbal infusion, based on the mother-and-stepmother, and oregano - for children is dangerous!

I was a niece of the strongest cough and to fight with him his sister had decided, in addition to medications

Hidden hood with spinal hernia - a bad recommendation

I was diagnosed with spinal hernia, and was appointed an underwater exhaust spine, after which I had almost lost the

W. Bates method of treatment of myopia did not show any result

Since childhood, suffering myopia and astigmatism. Learned about the treatment of such diseases by the method of the

Gargle with lemon juice is useless

I do not advise to rinse sore throat with lemon juice, diluted with water. This popular recipe suggested, after a

ENT doctor Iglakova VI Seversk

I said to the ENT doctor Iglakovoy VI Mr. Sevesk about deteriorated associated with chronic disease. I started having

Cleaning the body oil - The liver is slowly dying

Now very popular to do was clean the body with olive oil. People drink this oil by different methods, and thus starve!

Method of treatment of enuresis infusion of fennel seeds

The son of enuresis. People have tried treatment with infusion of fennel seeds. The method is to brew in the evening 1

Acupuncture - is not worth too much to count on the effectiveness of this method is

believed that the method is very effective and completely safe. I agree with the second, it does not hurt, but quite

Onion spirit dandruff worse.

I do not advise to use for removing dandruff onions. I rubbed into the scalp onion gruel, sitting, wrapped his head

Tea tree essential oil Aroma

I bought on the advice of a doctor, tea tree essential oil Aroma, very sharp smell traces of fat. In general the title

Nettles from joint pain.

Recently tried a folk remedy for joint pain - fresh nettles. All done with a prescription, but that the pain in the

Therapist, an antibiotic, penicillin, amoxicillin is known to be, immunity

I am interested in this question. Why, having come to the physician, with practically any symptoms, such as fever,

St. John's Wort Broth eliminates bad breath.

In order to eliminate bad breath you need to do a decoction or tincture of St. John's wort that have the ability to

Treatment of chronic gastritis folk remedies! - Help!

My brother was suffering from gastritis, but one way to help him perfect! You should get the plantain leaves, chop them

The leaves of common wormwood relieve headaches.

From headaches can be eliminated by the leaves of common wormwood. To do this, a teaspoon of sage leaves brewed cup of

Tea with mint is well relieves headaches.

For quick removal of the headache should be brewed black or green tea with mint. It is necessary to drink a glass of

Broth Sage helps toothache

The easiest way to get rid of a toothache - make a strong decoction of sage (two tablespoons of chopped herbs per cup

remedy katarkty

Replace lens of the eye now - it 30 minutes, 10 of them - the operation itself. But there are people who are simply


Flying the teeth vanilla, nagging toothache can soothe with vanilla powder (not the vanilla sugar!!). Sprinkle the

Garlic milk helps the cough.

Cough effective garlic with milk: 5 cloves of garlic needed to pass through the press, pour a glass of milk and bring

Calendula well help with angina, or skin diseases.

Apply calendula topically for various skin may be inflamed (a cloth soaked in tincture of calendula, is applied to

Eggs, milk and honey will help your child with stomatitis

your child quickly cured stomatitis popular method. It is necessary to separate the protein from the yolk of fresh

Dr. Thyme herbal tea, plus a good remedy for coughs.

Dr. Phyto Plus "Thyme" analgesic, antibacterial, antispasmodic used as a very good help for respiratory

Матрица гаряева по самовосстановлению почек

У меня на фоне перенесенной инфекции стали отказывать почки. Обострился диабет и развился некроз на стопе. Ничего не пом

From burns, pressure sores and wounds will zverboynoe oil

For trapping the oil should be crushed 100 g fresh leaves and flowers of St. John's wort and boil for 30 minutes on

Doctor Alekseev Alexander Lvovich urologist,sexologist,andrologist

Here miresii to go to the doctor the urologist Alekseev Alexander Lvovich http://алексеев-александр-львович.рф/ when my

Herb Oregano helps with angina.

Oregano herb has a calming effect, very good to make tea for flavor and add a few leaves of oregano. Good help and

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