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Sound Card Creative PCI Express X-Fi Titanium - Review

5 14.10.2011

Sound Card Creative PCI Express X-Fi Titanium

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Replaced this model, the order of outdated Creative Audigy. In tandem with open headphones Technics RPF880 card sounds great. In contrast to the old Audigy which proved itself under Windows7 with the worst hand, Titanium sounds a hundred times better, cleaner and more saturated. No spurious noise and interference. Excellent sound quality in games mode Game mode. The excellent reproduction of detail and excellent DD and DTS tracks in movies. Comfortable and well-organized software included. After a week of listening to the music library in a captious lossless formats and mp3 verdict is unequivocal: X-Fi Titanium fully pays for itself every ruble spent on. The difference in sound reproduction in Windows7 than previous Audigy and X-Fi is immense! And do not spare money to buy really high-quality headphones or speakers. It was then, this sound card is fully reveals its powerful potential.

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